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Field Trip Guidelines

Dear Parents and Campers, 

  If your camper(s) is staying back at Oodles, we will be doing plenty of fun activities as usual in Oodles and possibly a park trip for sports if weather permits. 

  If you signed up & paid for your child to attend the field trip on Thursday, there a few things you need to know as noted below: 

– We will be leaving Oodles promptly at 11:00am using a transportation company's School bus (they provide services to nearby schools too). We will be returning to Oodles at approximately 4pm. 

– Oodles t-shirt  MUST be worn on the field trip. If your camper needs a new shirt they are available for purchase for $10. We will charge your account $10 if camper(s) forget to wear Oodles T-shirt as we will provide a new t-shirt. Oodles T-shirt is mandatory as we go in a group outside. 

– All campers MUST be wearing closed-toed shoes. No Sandals or Crocs will be permitted.    

We will be eating our sack lunch at the picnic tables at the field trip destination. Please pack your child's lunch in a sack that can be thrown away (disposable water bottle is optional as it will be a hot day!) . We will be unable to warm anything up on the trip and we recommend the same type of Lunch in Oodles which doesn't require microwave. Please also pack snacks and water bottle as usual as campers will be hungry when back from the fun field trip.

– We will spend most portion of our day outside, so sunscreen is recommended and hat is optional.

-We look forward to having an AWESOME trip! Please stay tuned for some photos of your campers in  action on Facebook. Please send friend request on to see all pics.

– It is required by Oodles and the Field trip location that all campers wear a mask at all times during the field trip. 

If you have any questions, please email us at instead of calling. Texting at 562-888-1496 or email at is preferred. 

Keep your eye out for your campers pics in action! If you haven't already, add us on Facebook and Instagram (search for Oodles US and add us as Friend or Follow our Oodles Cerritos Facebook page) to check out fun photos of our campers and upcoming events!


The Oodles Team

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